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Updated July 20 2021
Create a Truck Profile
  1. Open Profiles in the left side menu and choose Trucks. By default, every new company has Truck 1 added to start off. You can open this truck profile to edit it, or create a new truck profile by clicking + Truck then give it a name and a vehicle type.
  2. Fill out as many details about the truck as you can. All dimensions are in meters. Volume is calculated from the internal dimensions of your truck. To use your truck for online bookings, all interior dimensions and its vehicle type need to be defined.
  3. You can upload images of the truck at the bottom and organize important documents in the truck's Document Gallery.
  4. Click Save at the top of the profile.
Add Trucks to Schedules
  1. By default, all new trucks will be added to a calendar. If you want to customize which trucks are on which calendars, open Settings from the bottom of the menu and click Truck Calendars.
  2. Create a new calendar or click Edit on the truck schedule you want to change.
  3. Click in the field below Assign Trucks and choose which trucks to add to this schedule. Clicking (x) will remove a truck from a schedule. Up to 6 trucks can be added to a schedule.
  4. Make sure to Save when you are done.
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