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Move Record Progression
Updated May 14 2021
All of your moves begin as a Lead, then you Book them, and finally Complete the job. Along the way your move passes through several stages as shown below.
You can advance your move to the next stage with the blue button at the top of the move record. Optional stages can be skipped by finding the next stage in the drop down menu from the 3 dots button.
Fresh Lead
Where all your moves start. A lead is a potential customer.
Quote (Optional)
Customer has been sent an email an hourly rate and a possible move date.
Contracted Job (Optional)
The customer has booked, but you have not scheduled the job to a truck yet.
Booked Job
The move is booked and scheduled to a truck. Now you can assign crew.
Started Move
Moves should be started when you arrive at the first location.
Stopped Move
Stopping the move ends the move timer and prepares the bill.
Complete Moves
Invoicing the customer allows them to review the charges then pay for the move.
Moves are marked as paid when the full cost has been entered as a payment.
Review Left (Optional)
When a customer leaves a review you can write a public or private response.
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