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Updated May 25 2020
Move reports are an easy way to find moves at a certain status. The three main reports are Leads, Booked, and Completed.
Hovering over a move reveals a button to open a preview of the move. This Move Preview lets you quickly look at the details of a move record without opening another page.
If you apply a set of filters that you would like to come back to later, you can click the Pin Icon beside the current page in the menu on the left side of the screen. This will add an option to your menu that goes directly back to the report you saved. Click the pin again to remove it from your menu.
The Leads report contains moves that have been created, but not quoted. In the Filter box, the Quotes tab will show leads that have had a quote sent to the customer. The Unable tab shows moves that have been marked unable. This status means that the sale of the move failed, or that your company was not able to provide service.
The Booked report shows all moves that have been contracted but have not been finished or paid for. The Unconfirmed tab shows moves that have not been confirmed by the customer or by crew assigned to the job.
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