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Updated Oct 23 2020
  1. Complete Your Profile
    Open your Company profile from the Settings option in the menu and complete all the fields. Visit Contract Settings to detail your Services, Discounts and Charges, Safety features, and Freebies. Add quality photos of your truck, equipment, and crew. Images are important in sales.
  2. Create Sales Packages
    Click on the Sales tab in your profile then click New Package. Here you load a photo and list your truck, crew size, price and availability on the calendar.

    Make your package Active and you are in business!
  3. When a customer chooses your company as their mover you will get an email, a SMS, and an internal notification on the platform. You must open the move contract ASAP and Confirm your acceptance or click three dots menu and choose Reject.
    Note that the platform searches for your truck availability on the requested day by looking at your package calendar AND at your own moves booked on that truck schedule. That is another reason why it is important to use the bookamove platform for scheduling all your moves, even if they are.
    When you complete a move you will be expected to remit the bookamove share within 24 hrs so they can distribute funds to the original referring company and the sales staff if involved.
    You should reach out to all new customers as soon as you confirm to establish a relationship so they feel secure with your company.
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