Version 1.7.6
September 12 2020
- Correct mid month discount to discount $10 for each full hour, not 10% of move cost
Version 1.7.5
August 17 2020
- Payment type and reciever no longer hidden
Version 1.7.4
August 14 2020
- Fixed move type not saving
- Updated payment types and receivers
- Fixed error on saving payment
Version 1.7.3
August 8 2020
- Fixed problem where Start and Stop times could not be edited after setting them
Version 1.7.2
August 4 2020
- Moves are no longer duplicated in list
- Fixed problem that only allowed first 20 moves to be loaded
Version 1.7.1
July 31 2020
- Values now save in Loading Details
- Fixed error opening search
Version 1.7.0
July 28 2020
New Features
- View Leads in app
- Search for moves
- Filter moves
- Update What card style
- Added per pound charge type
 - Fixed move date showing one day early in When card
Version 1.6.4
June 18 2020
 - Updated move cost types
Version 1.6.3
June 3 2020
 - Move record styling updates
 - Fixed missing What card
Version 1.6.2
June 2 2020
 - Fixed wrong city suggestions
 - Fixed review card stuck open
 - Fixed Past Moves wrong sorting
Version 1.6.1
June 1 2020
New Features
 - Editable move record from the app (NOTE: 'Location 2' Loading details will not save information entered in the app). Make sure to press 'Save' in the header of a move record section after entering information
 - Move List UI update to be easier to read and be in line with web move reports
 - Users with any Permissions Role Level above 20 can now log into the app. Login is no longer limited to drivers and helpers. (NOTE: For moves to show after logging in, the user must be assigned to the crew for each move on the calendar)
 - Fixed White overlay covering screen when keyboard open
Version 1.5.0
March 30 2020
New Features
 - Driver Profile (Doesn't work on iOS yet)
 - iOS crashes fixed
 - error in calculations fixed
Version 1.4.1
March 11 2020
 - Stair charge now calculates without refresh
 - Fixed crash on refreshing statement
 - New discounts now match desktop behavior
Version 1.4.0
March 9 2020
New Features
 - Added Loading Details popup for all addresses
 - Tabs in moves list now has access to list of "Past Moves"
 - Login for users from all subdomains
 - Added Stair Charge
 - Styling change in Statement
 - Stopped autocapitalization in login screen fields
 - Fixed email bug on Xiaomi devices
 - Fixed google maps buttons in Where
 - Refactoring all screens
 - Changed money recalculation to trigger on tapping outside of field, instead of on fixed timer (This means you don't get interrupted while typing any more)
 - Navigation fixesDrivers App Update March 9 2020 v1.4.0
Version 1.3.0
December 18 2019
New Features
 - Switched to bottom tab navigation
 - Added Statements with date filters
 - integrated settlement feature
 - Fully editable Money section
 - Calculation fixes
 - Styling changes
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