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Contract Settings
Updated May 26 2020
Contract Settings allow you to edit the move record to better suit your individual business.
Click Settings at the bottom of the menu and open Contract.
Fields in each section let you set what values are available in dropdowns in the move record. Click the Pencil Icon and add new values or remove current ones in the popup.
Charges and Discounts in the Money section controls which charges are available in the move record. Click it to open a popup. If a charge is marked with an X in the Include in List column, you will not be able to add that charge to any move record. If a charge is checked off under Show by Default, that charge will be added automatically to every new move.
Default Travel Time at the bottom of the money section sets the amount of travel time added to every new move record. This is only a default value and you can still set a specific travel time in the money section of each individual move.
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