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Updated Mar 3 2021
The money card in the move record has all the details about how much the customer will pay at the end of their move. Each line in the money card is called a Charge. A Charge has a title, places to add information and the total cost of that Charge. All the Charges are added up to get the Total Cost of your move at the bottom of the Money section. You can add or remove Charges by clicking Charges and Discounts near the bottom and making a choice. Charges that are already added to the move will show a green checkmark.

Next, click settings at the bottom of the menu on the left, then click contract. Contract settings lets you control lots of things about your move records, but for here we will focus on the settings for the money section.

Click Discounts and Charges to open a drop down menu. This is a list of all the charges that you can use in moves. The right most column, include in public profile, is important for online bookings. You need to add a blue checkmark for all of the charges that you want to be able to ask online booking customers to pay for. Enabling a charge here does not mean that all online customers will have to pay it, it just means that you have the option of charging them. For example Ferrys and Tolls will not be relevant for most moves, but if you want the option to ever charge an online customer for a ferry ticket, you need to give it a check mark here.

Next click money to open more settings. You can set default values for the insurance, stair, and fuel charges. We will set a default stair charge here. Click the pencil icon to open a popup for the field, then choose an option in the default column. I’m going to pick a per stair charge. Next I’ll set a default amount for that charge. Click the pencil icon. This charge lets me add custom values. I’ll add the amount of dollars I want to charge per stair then click add new value and set it as my default.

Click freebies at the top of the money section to set anything that you want to advertise on your public profile that you offer free of charge such as insurance or fuel.

At the bottom of settings here you can set a default travel time. This will be automatically added to all of your moves when you create them and if you do online bookings, customers will be told this much travel time will be charged for moves within your home municipality. You can still change the amount of travel time to more or less on any specific move, this is just a default.

Finally, set a minimum time next to the travel time if you bill this way. This is the minimum billable time that your jobs will be rounded up to if the actual working time is less. Again, this is an option that can be changed on a move by move basis and customers will be shown this minimum on your public profile if you do online bookings.

All changes to contract settings are saved automatically.
  1. Scroll down and click Local Service Area to open a popup.
  2. Open the Money section and set a Default Travel Time at the bottom.
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