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Updated May 25 2020
Create a Truck Profile
  1. Open Profiles in the left side menu and choose Trucks. By default, every new company has Truck 1 added to start off. You can open this truck profile to edit it, or create a new truck profile by clicking + Truck then give it a name and interior length in inches.
  2. Fill out as many details about the truck as you can. All dimensions are in inches.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the profile.
Add Trucks to Schedules
  1. A truck needs to be added to a schedule before moves can be booked to it. Open Settings from the bottom of the menu and click Calendars.
  2. Click Truck Calendars at the top of the page.
  3. By default, new companies will have a schedule called Truck Calendar 1. Click edit beside it to open the calendar details.
  4. The default starter truck (Truck 1 if you have not renamed it) will be added to this schedule already. More Trucks can be added by clicking the field under Assign Trucks.
  5. Make any changes needed to this calendar then click Save. More calendars can be added, if needed, by clicking the New Truck Calendar button.
Add Staff and Movers
  1. Click Profiles in the menu then choose either Staff or Movers. This will open a list of profiles of that type.
  2. The owner account will have been created with the company. It can be opened and edited from the Staff Profiles list.
  3. Click + Staff or + User, fill out the popup and press Save. The user will be emailed a temporary password that they can log in with, then set their own password.
  4. Click the user you created in the list of profiles to add more details about them. Role controls each user’s permission to access different parts of the program. The Active switch disables a user. They will not appear in profile lists, on calendars, or anywhere else in bookamove if they are marked inactive. You can view inactive users and open them to reactivate them by enabling Show Inactive at the top of the profiles list. Estimator/Booker Shares allows you to set percentages that will automatically be awarded to the user’s statement if they quote or book a move.
  5. Save the profile when you are done editing. 
Complete Company Profile
  1. Click Settings and choose Company.
  2. Edit details then click Save.
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