1. Referrals: How to make them and get them
January 24, 2024
Referrals are at the core of bookamove

Referrals are great; you get paid when you make them and you get paid when you receive them. Being a member of bookamove means that you are able to share leads that you can't follow up on and earn 10% of the move cost when that customer books their move with another member.

How to make a referral

When you are logged in to bookamove, the easiest way to make a referral is to click the bookamove logo in the top right. This will open the referral page.

To make a referral you just need to enter the customer name, phone, or email and Save.

When that customer books another bookamove member, the system will match any of these pieces of information and will award your company the referral share. If you enter an email address, the customer will be sent a message from your email address telling them about bookamove. To help the odds of your lead getting booked and you earning a share, you can call the customer and help them look for another mover on bookamove. If you have previously submitted them, they just need to book through bookamove for you to be awarded a share. You can see what the email you will send looks like by pressing Preview Email.

Referring from a move record

In any move record, there is a secondary way to make a referral. Just click the 3 dots next to the blue button at the top and choose Refer in the dropdown. A popup will open with the usual Name, Email, Phone fields that you can submit.

What to do when you receive a referral

Getting a referral is just like receiving any other booking on bookamove. You will get an email and the move record will show up in your reports and calendars. If you are new to getting bookings on bookamove, check out the guide here.

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