3. Publish a Sales Package on bookamove
January 24, 2024
Get started

If you haven't already, follow the steps of the Company Setup guide, then come back to here.

Click Profiles in the left side menu then Company Profile in the dropdown. On your company profile, change to the Sales tab in the top right.

Create a Sales Package

In the Sales tab of your profile, click the grey New Package button.

Sales  packages are how you list your services to customers. Each package describes a crew size that comes with a specific truck size. Packages can be long distance or only for local moves. You will likely have several sales packages listed at different prices.

For each package you make, you need to add an image (1) and add a truck (2). Fill out the fields for List Price, Min. Time, and Crew Size, then Save (4) the package. When you are ready to list your package publicly, turn on the Active switch (3) and Save again.

If you ever want to take your package off bookamove, come back here, turn off the Active switch and Save.

Daily Settings

Once you save the package you will be able to edit the calendar in the bottom of the package page. When you hover over a date you will get the option to Block the day (1). Your packages will not be able to be booked on days that you have blocked off.

The Decrease field on each day lets you set an amount of dollars to discount for that day (2). This is particularly useful for giving mid-month discounts.

In the image below this package calendar has been set so every weekend has been blocked off and there is a $20 discount on dates in the middle of the month.

When you are done, click Save at the top and then the grey Back button at the top to go back to your list of packages.

Get Published

When your company is set up and you have built your packages, the final step to get bookings is to contact bookamove support and get published. Just send an email with your company name in it to member_support@bookamove.com mentioning that you are ready to be published. We will check over your profile and if all looks good to go will publish your live public profile.

Once published, you can view your profile by navigating to your Company Profile and clicking the blue Published Profile button at the top.

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