2. Create your Public Profile on bookamove
January 24, 2024
Your Sales Packages and Public Profile on bookamove

Visit this page to view search results for movers in Vancouver. Each result is called a Sales Package. Click any of them to see what a Public Profile looks like. Ready to make your own? Just follow the steps below.

If you already have a bookamove Company Account, sign in. Otherwise, visit this page and click the blue Become a Member button to sign up. In the popup that opens enter your company name, owner's name, owner's email, and set a password. Check the Captcha and click Join Us. Your Company Name, Email, and Password will be used to login in the future.

Add your trucks

By default, your company will have one truck named Truck 1. You need to edit this truck profile to match the details of your own and add more truck profiles for any other trucks you may have. In the left side menu, click Profiles then Trucks in the dropdown that opens. Click on Truck 1 to edit it or click the blue +Truck button at the top to add a new truck.

At a minimum, you need to fill out the fields highlighted in yellow below. Vehicle Type and the internal dimensions in meters. This information is used to make you show up to customers when they search for a mover on bookamove. When you have time you should fill out all the other fields as well. When you are done click the blue Save button at the top.

Repeat this process for each truck you have, naming them something unique that you will recognize (eg. Big Truck 24', Old Yellow Truck, Delivery Van #3).

Complete your Company Profile

In the left hand menu, click Profiles then choose Company Profile from the dropdown. Fill out all the fields under Identity and About. Information in the Public Profile Settings section will be shown to potential customers. Write a Short Introduction about your company. Any extra information about why customers should book you can go in the Expanded 'About Us' field.

Click the blue Save button at the top, then scroll down to continue.

Choose your Service Area

Still on your Company Profile, click the blue Service Area button.  In the popup that opens you will choose where you want to book moves. Your service area is made up of your Home Zone (blue) and Extended Zone (red).

Home Zone: Cities that you will do local moves within.

Extended Zone: Cities where you do not do local moves but you will travel to or from.

At the top of the popup you change whether you are selecting cities for your Home Zone or Extended Zone.

Set your cities then click Save when you are done. After you refresh the page, the map in this popup will show your choices in red and blue.

There are 2 ways to choose your Service Area:

  1. using the list on the left you can check and uncheck entire regions or individual municipalities. Each option with a little grey arrow next to it can open to show more locations within it.
  2. Alternatively, above the map you can choose a to select every municipality within some distance of a city you choose. For example, every city within 30km of Vancouver.

We suggest you start by selecting everything within 10km or so of where you park your trucks. Then increase this distance until you are happy with the result. Use the tick boxes to remove locations one by one or to reset completely.

Set up your Charges

In your Company Profile, click the blue Charges button under the Service Area option. A new page will open where you choose how your moves are billed. Each row is a different charge. Checking the tickbox for a charge will show it to customers on your public profile and allow you to use the charge on moves your book. For each charge you can add an amount and description. The default choice for each of these is shown on your public profile.

Changes to your Charges are saved automatically. Go back to your Company Profile when you are done.

Note about selecting Active and Default: When setting Amounts and Descriptions you will open popups where each option can be set to Active and/or Default. For these details to show in your public profile you need to have the option set to Active and also set to Default.

For example if you select the checkbox for Fuel, set '0.50' as the default for Amount and '$/km' as the default for description, the charge will show up on your profile as below.

Savings and Services

These are selling features that will show up on your public profile. Click Savings under Charges. In the popup that opens you can add Savings to your profile by click the X in the Active column to turn it into a checkbox. You can use any of the options that are already in there, or add you own custom items at the bottom.

Next, you will do a similar process to choose what services you offer. Furniture Handling, Special Cargo, and Packing Supplies are all blue buttons that open popups where you can choose services in those categories. You can also add custom services at the bottom of the popup.

For Services and Savings you will see similar Active and Default settings to the Charges. In this case the Default value has no effect. If you have a green check mark under Active, that Saving or Service will show on your profile.

Customer Trust Documents

Only customers that book you will have access to view or download a copy of any documents

Under the Trust And Safety section, click the grey Add Credential button. Here you can upload documents that you would like to share with customers to help them feel safe booking your company. Click the blue Choose File button and upload a pdf or image from your computer. Then Choose a Document Label from the dropdown. This label is shown on your public profile to indicate that you have provided this document. Click Upload to finish, then repeat for any other documents you want to add.

You should add as many documents as you can as it makes you look more professional and helps get more bookings. However, don't upload anything here that you do not want your customers to have access to when they book your company.

Uploaded documents will appear under the Trust And Safety heading with an X that you can click to remove them from your profile.

Upload your photos

Finally, one of the most important parts of your public profile is your Photo Gallery. At the bottom of your Company Profile click the grey Upload Photos button and choose images from your computer. You want as many high quality photos of your trucks, equipment, and crew members as possible. The Photo Gallery is your best chance to stand out from other companies and get more bookings so it is worth spending some time to get right. Pictures of your crew in action on the job with big smiles are worth their weight in gold. Try to avoid using stock photos as it can make you look like a fake, online only company.

Click Save at the bottom of your Company Profile and you are ready to do the final step towards starting to getting bookings: Follow the sales package guide here.

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