Move Records
January 24, 2024

The move record is where all the information about a move is organized, from the customer’s first request for a quote all the way until they leave a review.

The page is grouped into cards on the left and chat channels on the right.

Move stage buttons

Blue buttons at the top right of the cards are for the next important advancement for the move, such as quoting, booking or invoicing it, and the three dots opens a list of secondary commands.

The Who, What, Where, When, and How cards


The Who card contains personal contact information about the customer. Clicking + Name will add fields for a second customer such as a spouse or roommate. The email added for an extra customer will also receive all future automated emails if the checkbox in the email field is ticked.


The What card covers the cargo that is being moved. In addition to general weight, volume, and move size, detailed information can be entered by adding rooms, then adding items to each room.


Addresses are split into street address and city. Extra locations can be added by clicking Add Stop. For each address, Loading Details opens a popup where important information about accessing the move site can be entered. The Map button opens Google Maps to show a route between the start and stop locations.


All the timing details of a move are kept in the When card. Estimated Start time is updated to show the actual booking time when the move is booked and placed on a calendar. This time can be shown or hidden from customers based on your security settings. The bottom fields are for important move day deadlines such as elevator bookings and vacancy time.


Most information in the How section is not shown to the customer. Crew Size controls how many movers can be scheduled to the job on the calendar.

The Money card

The bills for your moves are broken down into different types of charges and discounts. You can set your default list of charges in Contract Settings. This default list will be added to every new move. In the Money card, you can add or remove charges for just that move by clicking + Charges & Discounts. You have the ability to award shares to the estimator and booker of your moves. The Shares button in the bottom right opens a popup that shows the breakdown of move shares.Setting Payment Type to Credit reveals fields for card details.Security settings can be configured to show or hide values based on an estimated time to the customer to allow honest hourly quotes.

Review card

The Review card shows customer feedback and allows you to respond.


Each card has one or more alerts. These alerts are warning flags used to draw attention to issues and proactively avoid problems. They are displayed on collapsed cards in the move record, in reports, on the calendar, as well as being highlighted in the mobile app. You can choose from preconfigured options or write in any message you want. A colour can be added to help show an alert’s priority.

Move Chat

On the right side of the screen, chat channels are organized into tabs at the top of the page. Crew and Customer have their own private chats where they can talk to office staff, but their content is also included in the All chat channel. Email and SMS notifications about chat messages can be sent to the customer and crew by enabling the option near the new message field. The crew channel is also tied into the mobile app for quick contact with movers on the job.Individuals, as well as group message inboxes like Operations can be tagged and sent a message notification. These notifications can be deleted in the notifications panel, in the appropriate inbox, or from the chat in the move record.

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