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January 17, 2024
Web Menu

This guide outlines the Main Menu as viewed from a laptop or desktop computer. When accessed via a web browser from your phone or tablet, the mobile web version contains most of the same functionality, but has a different user interface.

Pinning System

Some of the expanded sections in the Main Menu have a pinning system that can be used to attach individual reports, calendars or profiles to the Main Menu for quick access.

The pinned pages are specific to each user’s own settings.

To use this feature, open the page that you would like to attach in the menu. If that page has the pinning option available, there will be a small pin icon next to the page name in the main menu.

Click the pin icon to change the pinned status. A blue icon means that the page has been attached to the menu, a gray icon means that the page has not been pinned.

The following pages can be pinned:

Moves section - secondary reports: Quotes, Cancelled, Reviews
Calendars section - individual staff, crew & truck calendars
Profiles section - individual customer, staff, crew & truck profiles

Main Menu

On each member’s web interface, there is a full menu on the left side of the page.

This menu allows you to easily access your move reports & records, messages & notifications, calendars, profiles and accounting statements.

Note: Some users may have some variations in what is displayed in the main menu. This is because of differences in the security settings for each staff or crew member position.


A search can be completed of all existing records by clicking inside of the Search button at the bottom of the menu, and entering all or part of a customer name, email address, phone number or move record ID number. A new page will open, where all matching records will be displayed, and the search criteria can be changed.

Messages & Notifications

The message icon to the right of the user name can be used to view all recent and unopened messages and notifications from customers, crew members and staff or from Bookamove staff and system operations.

Messages are linked to the corresponding customer move record, which can be opened by clicking anywhere inside that message area.

All notifications can be cleared by using the Clear lozenge at the top of the expanded panel. When any staff member opens a message, it will be cleared from the Notification panel for all users.

Staff responses to messages are managed in the move record chat panel.

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