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Updated May 21 2020
  1. Click the bookamove button at the top of the left hand menu. This will open a new move popup. Fill in as much information about the customer as you can, then click Open to create the move. Clicking Save will also create a move and add it to your Leads report so you can deal with it later.
  2. Fill in information about the move in each section. Customer contact details go in Who and billing details such as hourly rate and extra charges are set in Money.
  3. Optional: To send a quote form to the customer, click the blue Quote button near the top of the page, select which emails to send in the popup, then click Okay.
  4. If the move has been quoted (Step 3). The blue button will say Book. If not, the option to book the move can be found by clicking the 3 dots beside the blue Quote button. Clicking Book opens a list of truck schedules. Choose where you want to book the move and click OK to open the schedule.
  5. You can set the date at the top of the screen. Clicking on the calendar will book the job to the truck at the top of the column and at the time shown on the left. Click to open the book popup. If all the details are correct, click OK and your move will be officially booked.
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