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Updated May 21 2020
  1. Before move day, you need to add crew to the job. Open the truck schedule to the date showing the move. Click + Driver or  + Helper, to open a popup, then choose a person to fill that role. Click OK and repeat for the rest of the crew. The crew size is set in the How section of the move record.
  2. Each mover assigned to the job can confirm the job in their app or on the website. This will remove the warning sign next to their name on the calendar.
  3. Click the Customer Name to open the move record. The following steps can be done remotely from the website, or from the mobile app by a mover on site. Each action is done by the blue button at the top of the move record in a web browser, or from the button in the bottom right of the screen in the mobile app.
  4. When the move is ready to begin, click Start and set a start time in the popup, then press OK.
  5. To end the move, click Stop and set a time in the popup.
  6. Next, make sure all the extra charges are added and filled out in the Money section, then press the blue Invoice button. This will allow the customer to pay for the move. In the popup you can choose to send an invoice document and reminder to pay to the customer.
  7. The customer can pay online if you have the option enabled in company settings. Alternatively, a staff member can enter payment through the website or mobile app. Press Payment and enter details about the money received. You can also choose to send an email from the payment popup to the customer reminding them to leave a review. When a move has been fully paid, it is complete.
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